A .net disassembler/decompiler

Now that Red Gate have started charging for the .NET Reflector tool you might want to check out these free alternatives instead…

Telerik JustDecompile

JetBrains dotPeek

(Open Source) ILSpy


All can create Visual C# project. The generated code did not compile for JustDecompile and Reflector. In one case, ILSpy made a code that compiled (just references had to be set) The mistakes IlSpy did not look as complicated as one found in others. All generated code can be fixed if one know C# well enough.

An interesting direction can be used to decompile code using both JustDecompile and Ilspy and merge the codes that are correct because these decompilers (and third as well) seem to make different mistakes.


How To Add Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerRunTime.dll Reference to a WCF Project in Visual Studio 2010?


When you create a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerRunTime.dll assembly is not available on the .NET tab of the Add References dialog box.


Simply go to the Browse tab and copy paste the following line as the file name and you’re good to go on creating custom WCF:


Microsoft Solution:

On a more technical explanation, the dll is located in the GAC_MSIL directory:


And you are required to manually add the reference to the assembly from there.