Windows 10 – Anniversary Update (Build 1607) BOOM :(

Unlike in the past, I was tracking the release of Windows 10 anniversary update (Build 1607) for a fact that I wanted to Enable long path usage in windows 10 (which was made available in build 1607) and change my SharePoint Online migration tool to work with default .NET System.IO components – otherwise System.IO components tend to throw an exception when they cannot read long paths (though my hack solution works just fine for now).

Excited about long path availability I must have been one of the few who jumped the gun to install it on a test Surface Pro 4

BOOM… Blue Screen  😦

From that point onwards this machine seems to crash occasionally (mind it – it’s not even 3rd party vendor’s hardware)

Long Story Short – Do not install Windows 10 Anniversary update yet, wait till Microsoft release a patch rumored to be available in November.

Microsoft is facing a torrent of backlash from consumers and businesses complaining that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has broken some third-party USB cameras. The update, released on August 2nd, reportedly dropped support for two major video compression formats — specifically the H.264 and MJPEG codecs. According to Microsoft-focused blog, this was supposedly a decision the company made to prevent performance issues now that certain Windows apps have more direct webcam access post-update.

Here are some of the reported issues:

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