Downloading Azure Subscription File

This approach is useful for scenario where you work on a client workspace, where you don’t directly sign to root level Azure management portal. This was tested on Chrome.

Once after you login to client workspace level:[YOURCLIENTNAME]

On the same browser copy the following url and hit enter:

you will notice the subscription file related to the client workspace getting downloaded.


The usual approach for this, when you have root level azure management access:

  • Set the Windows PowerShell script execution policy to RemoteSigned:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

  • Import the Windows Azure PowerShell module:

Import-Module Azure

  • Download the Windows Azure Publish Settings file for your Windows Azure subscription. When you run this cmdlet, a web browser launches and asks you to sign in. Sign in with the same user name and password credentials that you used when you activated your Windows Azure subscription.


Note  When you save your Publish Settings file, specify a short easily-typed file name to save your file.